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Why is there a discord server? what happened to "don't worry about a discord server, it'll only exist for 9chan"
I don't want to support a website with a discord circlejerk

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why does a website having a discord server affect you? how would it be any different with an IRC? I get discord is pretty shit but you all take it too far.

Just dont join it you fucking retard

>> No.4  

IRC is old and barely anyone uses it anymore, which makes it fine to have since people won't go out of their way just to make a circlejerk there, and even if they do, it's gonna be in a way smaller scale than on Discord, which is popular and almost every normalfag uses

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The discord link you see on www.heyuri.net is owned by lolico, and the 9chan oriented discord link on kuz.lol is owned by kuz

However, Heyuri did in fact have a dicksword circlejerk while it was active, although I never went there personally and only saw the various leaks and screenshots

It had some feature that immediately notified users when new posts were made on Heyuri, which is partly why you'd get lightning fast responses to new posts despite there being a relatively small userbase

I said it back on Heyuri and I'll say it again here - off-site communications should be strictly for moderator/developer comms and user tech support. When you allow it to become a social hangout, it always attracts the worst kinds of users, becomes a source of drama, inter-community rivalry, and all-round faggotry, and it ALWAYS ends up spilling over to the main site eventually (see: Heyuri)

I can understand why underageb& like lolico and the younger users might be naive to this, but there's been liek 20 goddamn years of this exact thing happening over and over again - the older of us should know by now that messageboards and off-site hangouts don't mix

>> No.6  

#4chan on irc is a great example of this...

>> No.7  

I completely agree with you

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That there looks liek an error to me

Have you tried fixing teh error?

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have ya dried blowin it?

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I have been worrying about strawberryheavens future given kuz's general lifestyle and reputation

    • He has (and likely still does) participate in illegal activities, such as buying controlled substances and hosting multiple pirate bay proxies.
    • He is gay
    • He has sold out to corporations in government in the past for lots of money - he is worth over 16,000,000RU and copyrighted heyuri and plans to "claim it" legally.
  1. He suffers from random bouts of paranoia quite often.
  2. He is a slow fucking developer! Seriously, hurry up!

All im saying is that i sometimes question kuz's mental fitness for his position, and if my fellow anons think we can still be safe with him as our leader

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>> No.10  

I really hope those are all just falseflaggers, god damn

>> No.11  

They are.

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I looked at kuz's Discord server a long time ago and I ended up seeing the same unfunny garbage 4chan (especially 4/qa/) is flooded with, posted by kuz and friends.
I also have seen pic related. I do not want to frequent a website run by a literal schizo.

>> No.13  

oh cool, so your another one of those stupid faggots who fall for false flags.

If kuz acted like that, it would certainly have reflected here.

And if you pay attention, you can see his host is "xsc.9chan.moe" when his ACTUAL irc host is "ko.ly.ma"

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>> No.15  

Not him, but d00d - kuz posted that same kind of shit in #kolyma while I was there (admittedly, not often), said that he goes to #qa (which I confirmed via /whois) and said that the admins there knew him, said that he got banned from #4chan for posting "sn*ed", posted s*yjaks and nu-4chan cancer multiple times on his old twitter account (used to be linked on Heyuri's contact page, he's since wiped it and made a new one), spammed s*yjaks with his tripcode on 3chan amidst all the Heyuri dramafaggotry, and there's discord logs and screencaps floating around of him asking lolico to allow s*yjak posting on Heyuri's /q/ board

There's a lot of bullshit rumors out there surrounding kuz (some of which comes from his own friends/contacts, another thing he's admitted to), but the fact that he frequently partakes (or at the very least partook) in nu-4chan cancer as some kind of weird pastime has been shown to be true multiple times in multiple ways

If kuz wants to turn over a new leaf in that regard, and put that shit behind him, then I support him in doing so 100% - but don't try and pretend it never happened, claim it's all "false flags", or act like kuz doesn't have the brain cells to not shitpost on his own board while he shitposts elsewhere

>> No.16  

I hope things get better for this website in the future.

>> No.17  

I don't understand how one dude leaving development delays a update for 2 months, is Kuz really that senile?

>> No.18  


>Relating to or having diminished cognitive function, as when memory is impaired, because of old age.

hm, maybe. He didnt do any development work in Heyuri and didnt do very much in 9chan, so I assume he relies on a developer team in SH, so when one leaves, it majorly fucks up the process

>> No.19  

>>12 here
I might as well just hope kuz doesn't act dumb on SH/Heyuri atleast. I don't go onto IRC or Discord so it shouldn't really cause problems for me.

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Is it just me or does looking back at the old Heyuri /b/ give me way more feels than SH's /b/? I know SH is the best we got and is way better than other imageboards out there right now, but heyuri just had so much more soul.

Maybe im just nostalgiafaggin

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>> No.9  

I understand your point, OP.


>heyuri without kuz is silent and lonely
>sh without lolico is broken and without soul

If he wont work with me, then we cant cooperate. Im down to shoot him an email and maybe we can get back together. I am fine with shutting down StrawberryHeaven for the sake of minimizing Heyuris competition.


>Heyuri was a project that had a lot of love, effort, and enthusiasm poured into it from almost everyone involved, and that showed in multiple ways; in terms of how the site looked and functioned, how it was developed and moderated, and in terms of the effort the users proactively put back into it

Heyuri had a lot of effort poured into it because the people pouring effort into it knew what they were doing and genuinely loved to see the communitys response. I was one of those people. In StrawberryHeaven, development is slow, grueling, and yields little to no reward when finished. Our developers cannot even communicate to the people they are working for!

>Heyuri also had a positive feedback loop with the way the site was ran and maintained, and with the users making all kinds of great threads, replies, and OC. There was a shared desire from all parties to see the site grow and prosper, and "grow and prosper" it did (at least up until the "running and maintaining" portion of the loop became dysfunctional beyond repair)

Heyuri had many more people than SH (your welcome, by the way). But for the most part, yes, this is true. It would likely have continued like this, if not for mine and lolicos arguments.

>Heyuri had heart, it had energy, and it had real momentum

Primarily because of the cooperation between me and lolico. We worked together and the output was significantly better then now. The heart and energy was driven by an active, organic, and live site. We are at best, a struggling, replica of a more polished model. Heyuri is a 3 piece puzzle, the cooperation between lolico and I accounts for at least 2 pieces, and the remainder relies on the userbase enjoying the outcome of our work, in Heyuri, the outcome was constant updates, newsposts, pages, fun, etc - SH is a 3 piece puzzle, with only 1 piece!

>SH on the other hand, lacks all of the above. It still looks like a half-assed stopgap, it has no real identity or personality of its own, and feels stagnant, directionless, and all but abandoned by its leadership - and that's after two entire months of existence

Welcome to development hell — I havent abandoned SH, not even close. But, surprise surprise, I have other things in my life as well. I put off so many things because of Heyuri and how much i loved it. With it gone, I have since resumed many things i had previously forfitted for Heyuris sake. We are stagnant — we are not directionless, we are not without leadership.

>It feels like SH's staff and the users here don't really give a shit about SH (at least not beyond it being a substitute for Heyuri), and I honestly feel the same way. Nothing here inspires me to make threads, create SH-related OC, or even to archive anything, even though I was doing all of those things on a daily basis back on Heyuri

SH is primarily just a substitute for Heyuri, its not great, but its not terrible. You might agree that it is significantly better to have something miserable than to have nothing at all.

>There's just very little reason to care about this place - nothing in particular is happening, there's no visible signs of development, we still don't have some of the most basic features from Heyuri

There is nothing happening, I usually assumed that eventually, back in Heyuri, things in the development world would calm down a bit. We werent meant to be in a perpetual state of progress, instead, just gradually heading to a future where heyuri was essentially a utopia for those involved. So yeah, in Heyuri something was always happening, but thats because we were constantly updating things, doing new stuff with the system, etc — come modern day, we have a much more stagnant and relaxed system. I assumed that at some point Heyuri would "stagnate" in development, but never thought that the userbase would be affected.

>the "news" is few and far between and spread across multiple sites for no reason

The news you need to see for SH can be found on SH's frontpage. If you are looking elsewhere for SH news, then you are doing it wrong.

>the monthly anime didn't happen AGAIN, there's only a single banner after all this time.

oops — and we havent recieved any banner submissions.

>there's all these stupid vanity-project sister sites that have no reason to exist beyond kuz procrastinating on dealing with this place

Like...? What site do you think has "no reason to exist" beyond my procrastination? Do you assume everything I do is directly related to SH somehow?

>Speaking of kuz, if you told me that the kuz from Heyuri died and someone else took his name to make this place, I'd be half-inclined to believe you. One of the main plus points he had over lolico was his ability to interact with the community, but the only sign of communication from kuz here is the "soz 4 teh stagnations" announcement above, and a few "updates coming!!!" "actually no ._." posts on the front page

When there is nothing newsworthy, the news will be slow. I havent seen any threads (besides this one) worthy of replying to, and this is actually the first time I have checked SH today. I cannot help that the sole english developer quit, maybe some of you should stop bitching and moaning and start helping. Just sayin'

>Half the time when news related to this site is posted, kuz posts it on some other URL

Would it be any different if the news could be accessed on strawberryheaven.net as opposed to kolyma.jp or kuz.lol ? I wasnt aware that anyone cared.

>It reminds me of when moot stopped casually posting on 4chan from time to time, and started using his tumblr blog instead of the 4chan news page - that was the moment it became clear that he didn't care very much about 4chan anymore, and it feels like something similar is happening here

I elaborated on this earlier in this post, and that is primarily because nothing is happening, development is slow, nothing noteworthy has happened on SH or Heyuri save a developer coming and going. Im not going to just pull shit out of my ass to make everyone feel like im still around. I do care, but that doesnt mean I will force feed everyone useless news. — But hey, if you want me to post things i would post on kuz.lol here, then im all for it. Didnt know that anyone from SH read there outside of the occasional post about heyuri or SH!


>That basically did happen. Heyuri (according to kuz himself) was incredibly dear, and he spent upwards of 6+ hours a day on it. When it "died" (he was fired) he found it incredibly depressing. Even after he was fired, he still posted on it regularly. I remember him being absolutely distraught when the site itself got taken down.

Pretty much.

>The kuz in Heyuri was dedicated, happy, and it was one of the main things he did. The kuz in SH regards it as merely a sidenote in one of his projects. Stuff like kolyma has existed for ages, but the creation of his personal site really reflects him losing interest with the userbase and site as a whole.

The creation of a personal site for my personal stuff reflects me "losing interest" in SH how?

>I honestly, and wholeheartedly would do near anything for heyuri to come back (with kuz). I would fucking run through the street naked screaming "I LOVE COCKS IN MY ASS".

Go for it. It wont make anything go faster but i suppose it'd be a good laugh — and on a more serious note, I also wish heyuri would come back. It could come back right now if lolico and I could cooperate, I have the hosts, domain, and everything else needed, and yes, I do own the legal rights to Heyuri. So even if he wanted to start it back up without me, it simply wouldnt work. I havent seized the domain from him because i would rather work with then against him.


— kuzzykins

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>> No.10  

go apologize to lolico and maybe kiss him on the cheek so that he agrees to work with you again and all this stuff can be fixed

>> No.11  
>Negotiations with Lolico are underway.


>> No.12  

Does this mean he gave Lolico a kiss? (>///<)

>> No.13  

If it doesn't work out then it was just a kiss on the cheek
if it works out then it was a kiss in the mouth

>> No.14  

How can you tell? :o

>> No.15  

im a gay russian expert

>> No.16  

are you a
1) a gay man who is a russian expert?
2) a gay russian man who is an expert
3) an expert on gay russians
4) all of the above

>> No.17  
File: 1606210360891.jpg -(240528 B, 1071x1046) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I'm afraid to say... I'm a scatman

>> No.18  
File: 1606220206331.gif -(1091 B, 39x17) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

TOP LOL. You got him

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A discord server, really?

>> No.2  

His post says it's for 9ch users, but we can only hope they keep their discordfaggotry out of SH

>> No.3  

there is an irc but, y'know, nobody uses it.

>> No.4  

I hope so

>> No.6  

I assume the post was meant for the 9chan users. That blotter is global and appears on all of his sites (one of them happening to be this one), and 9chan users dont really have alot in common with us.

tl'dr - 9chan fagg0try that has nothing to do with us

>> No.7  

IRC and Discord are basically the same thing. Circlejerks.

>> No.8  

at least IRC is a dead circlejerk

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>>the monthly anime didn't happen AGAIN, there's only a single banner after all this time.
>oops — and we havent recieved any banner submissions.

What are the rules for banners? Should they just be emailed? Same dimensions as the current one? What about board-specific banners?

>> No.2  

idk lol just send kuz some good ones

>> No.3  

I want to make them the best they can be

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whats the point of this

>> No.2  

It would seem to me that he is providing to the users of SH an example of the complexity of 9chan and Kolyma.

>> No.3  

9chan oldfag here!

This seems to be some sort of infographic about 9chan and kolyma, so ill do my best to explain the things you might not understand

-9chan Discord & /pain/
9chan has a discord server. IDK what /pain/ is (anyone else care to educate me)

Kolyma Hosting Service

9chan Central Group, the acronym is in russian, its the administrators and mods of 9chan, kolyma, and this place

Kuzs massive data archive and former E-Commerce market!

Japanese-Language 9chan

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

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>> No.2  
File: 1605809564772.png -(100937 B, 503x373) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>> No.3  
File: 1605839458886.png -(118000 B, 236x443) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

(; ̄Д ̄)

>> No.4  
File: 1605841537742.gif -(1026890 B, 330x300) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


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its so dead

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>> No.6  

its still dead doe

>> No.7  

there are like 5 new posts every day

>> No.8  
>when is site getting updated

likely within a week

>its so dead

do something about it then. if you want a hyper active place maybe this isnt good for you....

>> No.9  

heyuri started out small too.

slow and steady.. one day we will get there

>> No.10  

Now that is a HOT image. WOWEE!

>> No.11  

I wish I had known about heyuri before it died...

>> No.12  



>> No.13  

the dev has been asleep for like 2 days now...

>> No.14  

RIP SH update ;_;

>> No.15  

WAKE UP (o ‵-′)ノ”(ノ﹏<。)

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