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Old ones i mean. and only for da lols

or will i get assfucked by rule 8

>> No.2  

k♡♡z will personally assfuck you for that

>> No.3  

Only if it's older than "shit was so cash"

>> No.4  

ok ok ok oookkaayjaaayyy guys look look i know this migt sound uhh u hhhh a liiiitttllee weird wyeah it is weird actualyl hehehe but uhh i really reallty love with uhhhh UHH kuz kuuzz mm hes os fucking hot and seyx and smothery and and and auuhhhh NIGGER NIGERY EYAH big black nigga dick onnem i jsut want i want ot slurp it up yknow hehe its addictive that little peenie weenie little nigger weenie gettinr giht RIIGHT RIIIIGGHHTT BETWEEN YM ARYNA PRETTY WHITE PINKIE PIE FLAMINGO SWEDISH MEATBALL MEAT pusssy mmmmmmm sweden i love you niggers epecialyl kuz hes my specidl widdle gigga nigag MMmmmm oh kuzzie wuzzie just pelas eplaes inject me euthanize EUTHANIZE EUTHAN TU YOU TUE EUTHZE EUTHANIZE ME WITH YOUR SPANGLY BRWON SAUSAGE VIENNA DICK PLEASE OH gooodhoooooohooodd i nee di tuethanize mnie me rn kux cmon cmon

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That's so sweet :')

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Congratulations Anonymous! Your post has been nominated for the prestigious "Fail of the Year" award!

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There's an extra / after r. Any other little things anyone has noticed?

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We must save our OCD for when teh new software arrives

In the meantime, here's Sakaki riding a dolphin

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lucky dolphin. maybe she can ride me next...

>> No.4  

its for the secret flan/feet board

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why are political topics are banned? what does the userbase think about the ban?

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this thread is proof that politics should stay banned, only faggots care about politics

>> No.20  

is this a kuz quotes thread now?
"Pedophilia isnt inherintly wrong. I believe its moreover a matter of maturity, not age. A 16 year old can be just as, if not more, mature than an 18 year old."

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File: 1605149014902.png -(320197 B, 800x764) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

spot on

pic unrelated

>> No.22  

I think the ban is great!

>> No.23  

"photoshopping a political slogan or hat onto an anime girl does not mean said anime girl supports your political opinion. I hate everyone who does this with a passion."

— kuze

>> No.24  

couldnt agree more. all sides are responsible of this

>> No.25  

the political ban is what makes this place so comfy, in fact seeing that and rule 8 gave me such a fucking blood chub.
all in all the site lives up to the name, it's heaven

>> No.26  

"what are your thoughts about the 2020 American Presidential Elections? Who do you think will win?"

"Who cares, its the same shit either way. Theres a little difference between the two but not much."

"Who did you vote for?"

"Jojo. Just for the sticker though."

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kuzo fago

  • magi

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Anyone else REALY fuggin excited about the new software? THis one SUX and i cant wait to have my GETs back

picture of loli unrelated

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>> No.3  

I'm cautiously optimistic, but I'm not ruling out some hardc0re fail

As with anything, I'm expecting there to be many bugs in the beginning, and I'm also expecting wormhole-kun to make his now-traditional special guest appearance

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ITT post suggestions of what the name will be for the new software SH will run on.

My suggestion is to name the software: Kotsuba

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>> No.3  


>> No.4  

Mayby Ichigo?

>> No.5  


>> No.6  

If you want to stick with "number of leaves on a plant" naming convention (e.g. Futaba (2 leaves), Yotsuba (4 leaves)), Kokonotsuba would be the "9 leaves" variation

>> No.7  

oddly fitting...

>> No.8  

Nice one

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Always-on IDs? NO THX

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are you looking for php devs? is there an email i can talk to you at?

>> No.2  

i have an futallaby fork you might be interested in....

>> No.3  


thats his public email AFAIK

>> No.4  

thanks anon

File: 1603303488727.png -(106729 B, 1577x882) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
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so, what do we plan on doing in regards to OC? We can't just simply rip off of heyuri's oc and make it our own. we, just like heyuri did, would have to make our own oc if we want this site to be like heyuri was. of course, pic is related. i call her Sanami-san (we need to get the ball rolling somehow.) of course, if you can do better or if you have a better name or whatever do so, dont hesitate to make oc! that is what will make this community flourish.

>> No.2  

/~kuz/ is where da oc is at

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she looks so sad..

>> No.5  

i suck at art

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File: 1603502917886.png -(298062 B, 1000x1000) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

someone on the kolyma discord drew this

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No thanks you!!!

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why are vtoobers banned?

>> No.2  

i guess yaril doesnt care of them

>> No.3  

unrelated but..

am i the only who thinks that the current SH logo is just heyuris logo if it was a communist puppet state?

>> No.4  
File: 1603515187883.jpg -(179792 B, 977x638) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

The fact is that virtual youtubers have been a huge part of "otaku-dom" in Japan for the last three years, regardless of anyone here's opinion of the recent (and ongoing) boom in the West

  • They are a huge phenomenon at Comiket (pic related, the graph shows how many doujin circles were dedicated to each topic/franchise/whatever at C97 in December 2019 - if you can't read moonrunes, the top 5 reads "Fate series, Idolmaster, Kantai Collection, Touhou Project, Virtual Youtuber" - and that was almost a year ago!)
  • There's tons of well-respected Japanese artists/musicians/mangaka/doujin groups/etc producing vtuber-related material even outside of doujin events
  • Vtubers make up a sizable amount of the art being posted to Japanese sites like pixiv and other places
  • There are anime seiyuu either involved with vtubers or being vtubers themselves (like fucking Tomokazu Sugita!)
  • Futaba's various Nijiura boards (which this place is supposed to be based on, hence the "2D" part of the board titles...) have tons of highly active vtuber threads at all times, as well as an entire board dedicated to vtubers (which is also their 9th most active board, out of 106!)
  • There are now manga specifically about the topic of vtubers, and I don't think it'll be long before there's a vtuber-related anime (unless you count "Virtual-san wa Miteiru", in which case there has already been a vtuber anime!)

To act like the entire topic is something that ought to be banned outright, equivalent to wojaks or twitter/reddit memes, simply because whoever arbitrarily instated that rule doesn't personally like them, is pants-on-head retarded. Moot splitting /a/ back in 2008 by creating /jp/, just because he and a few others were butthurt over Touhou's rise in popularity, was pretty dumb - banning vtubers site-wide on a supposedly anime/otaku-oriented Futaba clone is significantly more so

It's also a pretty good sign that whoever instated the rule has no idea what's been going on in Japan and the otaku world over the last couple of years. Vtubers today are what VNs, Touhou, Vocaloid, Love Live, etc were in their day, and banning the topic of vtubers entirely is equal to banning any of those other topics - you wouldn't ban a Reimu or a Miku!

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>> No.5  

this is why kooz needs to come back. fug yaril

>> No.6  

That reminds me, I forgot the part where k♡♡z explicitely stated that the rules here would be exactly the same as they were on Heyuri... that's no longer the case!!

>> No.7  

when did he say that?

>> No.8  

Several weeks ago - I don't remember when and where exactly, but somebody asked him if the rules were going to stay the same as they were on Heyuri, and he replied by saying that they would

Admittedly, one rule was already changed slightly from how it was on Heyuri - Rule 7 on political discussions went from "tolerated on some boards" to "absolutely NO". However, that change came after posts from users were made suggesting such a thing, inspired by the fact that Futaba bans politics everywhere except for a couple of politics-specific boards

That change was also far less egregious than adding an entirely new rule banning any and all discussion related to one of the biggest things in the 2D/otaku world of the past couple of years, which just seems petty and ill-conceived

It's not like this place was ever a hotbed of vtuber posts to begin with either - the topic was never brought up on Heyuri as far as I remember, and it only ever got mentioned on SH because of how it's interconnected with everything else (e.g. ex-niconico streamers/utaite becoming vtubers en masse, English-language fansubs of Japanese media thriving outside of anime, etc)

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File: 1603531673216.png -(222758 B, 1080x452) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

if no one ever posted it to begin with.. why do we care?

>> No.10  

Things that would break the new "rule" have been posted, just not very often, and usually in relation to other topics - all the more reason why such a sudden hard ban on it is DUMB

I don't think anything of a 2D/Japanese nature should be preemptively b& just because nobody's discussing them regularly, especially when it's something far closer to home than say, a 3D otaku topic like junior idols, or a Western 2D topic like MLP (both of which had been posted only a handful of times, yet were explicitly allowed back on Heyuri)

It also sets a bad precedent where posts that would otherwise be perfectly on-topic and unquestionably allowed are now going to be arbitrarily banned or become the cause of needless argument/debate over where the line is now supposed to be drawn - purely due to one individual's personal taste and their limited awareness of what's actually happening in the otaku world. There's a lot more than just anime and manga when it comes to the wonderful world of 2D!!

I don't want potential discussions of someone like GYARI to be off-limits due to him now running his own vtuber group, or future discussions of all the Japanese seiyuu, artists, utaite, etc who have become vtubers to be outlawed, or images that contain vtuber art to be ban-on-sight. I don't want to have to pretend that a huge 2D/Japanese phenomenon doesn't exist just because some Westerner is butthurt that it's recently become popular in the West!!

It's just a retarded decision to make, it's like banning discussions of certain anime just because whoever's running the site finds out that it happens to be popular on reddit/twitter. Stop paying attention to bakagaijin, and look to the East!!

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1603288798166.jpg -(417266 B, 2073x3110) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
417266 No.1   [Reply]

This site is mainly newfags pretending to be oldfags, and desperately needs to ban the doremi pedoshit bronies

>> No.2  
File: 1603293016384.jpg -(83971 B, 640x480) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>> No.3  

you do realize that you dont necessarily have to be an oldfag to browse this site, correct?

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File: 1603310252314.png -(352028 B, 640x480) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
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File: 1603310285786.png -(460858 B, 640x480) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
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File: 1603322010850.jpg -(454767 B, 1118x1532) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


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File: 1603335392314.jpg -(101719 B, 640x508) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

The best part is that nobody was using the terms "newfag" or "oldfag" until around 2007, so you can safely ignore any of the self-appointed Oldfags™ who use them unironically

Even "noob" was mostly just a joke, poking fun at l33t h4x0rz and gam3rz who took their hobbies too seriously

>> No.8  


>nobody was using the terms "newfag" or "oldfag" until around the time the site began getting a massive influx of new users

No shit?

>> No.9  
File: 1603394250780.jpg -(198682 B, 880x800) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Only newfags say "newfag" - it was true back then, and it's true now

>> No.10  

dumb thread

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